Ionic Colloidal Iron


Iron is an essential trace element. It is essential because the body cannot manufacture it, meaning the diet must provide enough to meet the body’s needs. Being the central molecule of the red blood cells which transfer oxygen, Iron plays an important role in cardiovascular function and energy production. If there is an iron deficiency the body cannot manufacture enough to create the haemoglobin it needs to carry and transfer oxygen to the tissues. Signs of iron deficiency include fatigue, and dizziness and the feeling of wanting to take deep breaths. Immune function, digestion, heart rate and energy production can also be affected. It is especially important for those who avoid red meat as red meat contains sufficient amounts of iron to provide the daily needs. Factors that increase the need for iron include digestive problems. Women of reproductive age, women who are pregnant and children are mostly affected by iron deficiency. Please see a health professional if you think that you may have symptoms of iron deficiency.

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Ferrous sulphate, citric acid


Take 1ml daily.


Those with Haemochromatosis or high iron levels should avoid iron supplements.