Kids Tranquiliser ~ Mild Sedative


Gentle Sedative

This gentle sedative benefits children who find it hard to get to sleep. Over tired children can find it harder to fall asleep and this tonic gently helps children overcome feelings of anxiety and promotes a sound sleep. This tonic is usually used for between 4-6 weeks for a full result. The herbs in this tonic have been used as children’s herbs in traditional medicine.

Can be used short or long term but is best used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Talk to one of our health professionals if you think this tonic may be needed for your child.

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Californian poppy leaf, Chamomile flower, Withania root


Children over age 3 take 5 ml before bed. Dosage may need to be repeated. Contains alcohol and glycerine.


Some children can be allergic to chamomile and its components.
Test by giving several drops in the mouth before using the full dose.