Leg Warmers ~ Circulatory Tonic


Circulatory Stimulant

This warming tonic benefits those who feel cold hands and feet. Supports the health and tone of the blood vessels. Can help normalise blood circulation.

Can be taken during winter months or ongoing if needed. Talk to a health professional to rule out underlying pathologies.

Angelica root ~ Circulatory toonic

Hawthorn leaf ~ Blood vessel tonic

Cinnamon bark ~ Warming digestive

Prickly Ash bark ~ Circulatory tonic

Ginger root ~ Circulatory tonic

Cayenne fruit ~ Circulatory tonic

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Angelica root, Hawthorn leaf, Cinnamon bark, Prickly Ash bark, Ginger root, Cayenne fruit


Take 5 ml three times daily before food or 8 ml twice daily. Contains alcohol and glycerine.


Check with health professional if taking cardiac drugs or Warfarin. Caution if you have gallstone or gastric ulcer.