Louise Ear Candles


This lovely set of ear candles contains a pair of hollow candles and a set of instructions. Ear candles are placed with the tapered end into the ear and in a lying down position the candle is lit until it burns down to 1/4. This draws ear wax deep from the ear canal to the surface. This should be performed when someone else is present and all fire safety protocols should be followed.

Ear candles are great after a heavy head cold or slightly blocked ears. If you suspect a blockage to the ear do not use ear candles, go to the doctor to get your ears checked.

This product is made in Christchurch so has a low carbon footprint, enjoy!

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1 set of hollow ear candles


Place the tapered end of the hollow candle into the ear and light the end. Hold the candle in place until it is burnt down to 1/4, then remove and blow out. Repeat on the other ear.


Do not use ear candles if hearing aids or grommets are in place, or if you suspect the earway is blocked.