Love Potion ~ Aphrodisiac



A classic restorative tonic that benefits desire as well as libido. This tonic lowers anxiety and counteracts stress for the short term user but for the long term user it can restores a fading libido back to normal levels. Enjoy daily for best results.

Withania root ~ Relaxant

Shatavari root ~ Female tonic

Damiana leaf ~ Aphrodisiac

Sarsaparilla root ~ Aphrodisiac

Ginger root ~ Circulatory tonic

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Withania root, Shatavari root, Damiana leaf, Sarsaparilla root, Ginger root


Take 10 ml twice daily. An extra 10ml can be taken as required. Take regularly as a restorative tonic. Contains alcohol and glycerine.


May aggravate gastroesophageal reflux and gall stones. In some persons is may cause gastric discomfort due to the high saponin content.
Do not use if you are pregnant.