Lung Elixir ~ Expectorant



This classic expectorant aids removal of mucous from the lungs and helps release tension for the smooth muscles of the lungs allowing a freer passage of air. It will also sooth the lungs and reduce the irritating effects of a cough. It will soothe a productive wet cough by a built-in reflex action which helps the body to loosen mucous thereby allowing it to be removed. Best used throughout the day to fully stimulate the reflex action.

Elecampane root ~ Expectorant

Grindelia leaf ~ Bronchodilator

Hoheria leaf ~ Demulcent

Thyme leaf ~ Antiseptic

Liquorice root ~ Demulcent

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Elecampane root, Grindelia leaf, Hoheria leaf, Thyme leaf, Liquorice root


Take 5 ml 3-6 times daily as needed. Use throughout the day for best results.


Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.