Maca & Ginseng Powder


Maca and Ginseng is a combination or herbs designed for men who are tired and need support for the libido. Maca and Ginseng are a great combination which supports the energy levels and hormonal balance and ca be taken just for the benefits if confers to the energy and stamina levels or for erectile dysfunction also. This is a therapeutic dose and grade of herbs so quality can be guaranteed. This powder also supports men’s fertility as Ginseng and Maca have been shown to increase the quality an quantity of sperm in men. It is also great for women with the same problems! Enjoy!

All of our dried powder blends are created by us and are made from quality local {where possible} and imported herbs.

Additional information



Maca powder, Ginseng {Panax} powder.


Take 1 teaspoon daily.


Please inform us if you are taking pharmaceutical medications.