Mending Elixir ~ Anti-inflammatory



This tonic benefits those who need support with wound healing and inflammation. Over time it also gently aids removal of waste products such as uric acid and metabolic waste from the blood thereby supporting a thorough inflammatory process.

It is also a short term anti-inflammatory for those who need support with pain management. Suitable after surgery for those who require full and thorough mending.

Turmeric root ~ Anti-inflammatory

Gotu kola leaf ~ Antifibrotic

Devils Claw root ~ Anti-inflammatory

Celery seed ~ Anti-inflammatory

Prickly Ash bark ~ Circulatory tonic

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Turmeric root, Gotu kola leaf, Devils Claw root, Celery seed, Prickly Ash bark


Take 10 ml twice daily before main meals. A further dose of 10 ml can be taken in times of need.
Best results when used ongoing. Contains alcohol and glycerine.


Not to be taken if you are taking Thyroxine or blood thinning medications including Warfarin, if you have kidney disease or gallstones. May cause irritation of the gastric mucous membranes and reflux.
Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.