Men’s Clinic


Prostate enlargement, libido, acne, sperm health, man boobs, fatigue, arthritis, depression, addictions or even just assistance with diet changes – there are many problems that are unique to men! The Men’s Clinic aims to deal with any or all of these as they affect you. Whether you have problems that affect you from a young age or those that develop later in life or problems that affect your ability have children. If you are a man, you can feel rest assured that we will look after you and lead you in the right direction when it comes to health. Whatever you are experiencing don’t put up with symptoms until they become unbearable. The good news is that we can use herbs and key nutrients to help the majority of your symptoms, and at the same time we can start identifying underlying causes, triggers and warning signs thus preventing your problems from getting worse.

Our Men’s Clinic specialises in helping you identify your potential triggers and warning signs as we help you become more competent at learning how to influence your health with foods, herbs and tools to look after yourself. In your appointment we identify any foods or environmental toxins you may be absorbing and determine what you should be eating and doing to mitigate this. We start you off on a herbal & nutritional programme designed to treat your particular signs & symptoms which may include liver function, gut health or stress levels. As we see you in follow up appointments, we see what works for you by judging how you feel.

If  we don’t manage our health issues when they first become a problem, then the factors that drive these complaints continue, causing the cellular cascade to eventually get out of control. What we need to remember is that stress, diet and gut health influences our health as well as the chemicals in the environment so we can start to look at our energy levels as a sign of what is going on inside our body. If our liver isn’t performing optimally, and we aren’t exercising regularly, our hormones are going to be affected in the long run. Treating the underlying cause is the only way we can effectively treat general health. Stress and lifestyle are also key in managing these complaints.

If you want to find out how to look after your health, book into the Men’s Clinic:

  • 1 hour and 15 minute initial appointment ~ We go over your symptoms and talk about what your warning signs, triggers, and underlying causes are. We give you the tools you need to start the process.
  • 30 minute follow up ~ You then go away and practice these new habits, taking herbs and supplements and making diet and lifestyle adjustments, coming back for a 45 minute follow up 1 month later to discuss the changes and results.
  • 15 minute follow up ~ Further changes to your diet take longer to implement and if things are going well another month later a maintenance plan can be made. For others, time and patience may require that you work on it for longer to get the desired results.

Further follow ups can be made in order to further track your progress. All appointments involve a referral to a medical practitioner if necessary.

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