Organic Spirulina powder


Spirulina is an easily digestible food which has high levels of bioavailable nutrients meaning an instant flow of energy to the body. This is why Spirulina has such a good reputation as an energy tonic, particularly when the digestion is affected by other factors such as inflammation and lack of digestive enzymes. Spirulina can also help to chelate heavy metals out of the body which makes it a good thing to take daily especially if you have amalgam fillings as this study shows {}. It also contains protein making it a whole food that helps balance blood sugar levels. By weight it contains a good level of Iron, Magnesium and nearly all of the vitamins and minerals present in our food chain bar Vitamin C. This makes it a natural multivitamin supplement when taken daily. Add it to a fruit smoothie to get your added vitamin C at the same time, and this also tastes great.

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500 grams, 250grams


Organic Spirulina powder


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Add to fruit smoothies or juices. 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon daily.

100% Organic Spirulina powder