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If you are looking for a one pot wonder you have found it! This Creme is made by Mary-Ellen Hawke who has been making this natural beauty Creme for over 10 years for her Beauty therapy clients. Maryellen has found a way to increase the cell turnover, with the Creme acting like a mini-facial every time you use it thereby replenishing collagen on the surface of the skin. The slightly acid pH of the Creme is also beneficial for acne as it kills germs on contact and restores the acid mantle that our skin creates to protect us from daily invasion. You will love the texture of this Creme which users find extremely hydrating ~ this recipe has been tried and tested and for the driest skins and it will keep you hydrated all day long as there is no ‘water’ content in the Creme ~ only the nourishing fats and oils from Shea, Rosehip and infused Calendula oil mixed with Aloe vera. There is no other Creme with the same list of therapeutic qualities for our price. As well as this you can throw out the idea that you need a different Creme for time of day or area of the face ~ Mary-Ellen says that this is a myth that the beauty industry created.  A good quality Creme will do everything and it doesn’t need to cost the earth as all of the ingredients in this Creme come from nature ~ Enjoy!


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Aloe vera, Shea butter, Rosehip oil, Calendula oil, Vitamin E, Prescriptive essential oils, Lactic acid, Liquorice extract, Ginkgo extract, Marshmallow extract, Yarrow extract.


Use as both a cleanser and a moisturiser – One Creme can do all of the jobs ~ Cleanser, Night Creme, Day Creme, Eye Creme, Decolletage, Hand and Body Creme. Can also be used as a leave in Hair Creme simply put through the hair and leave in overnight and wash out the next day with shampoo only {no need to condition as it will be highly conditioned}. Use as a personal lubricant also as it has an acid pH which wont disrupt the balance of flora.


Always use with a natural sunscreen in the summer months.