No Rest for the Wicked ~ Adrenal Tonic


Adrenal Tonic

Adrenal tonics support the body during times of stress. This tonic benefits the overworked by gently lifting adrenal function and relaxing tense nerves at the same time.

The by-products of these actions are gradual improvements in energy levels, better overall immunity and more relaxing sleep.

This is by far our most popular tonic – perhaps due to the modern day lifestyle!

Siberian ginseng root ~ Adrenal tonic

Rehmania root uncured ~ Adrenal tonic

Liquorice root ~ Adrenal tonic

Skullcap leaf ~ Relaxant

Passionflower leaf ~ Relaxant

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Siberian ginseng root, Rehmania root uncured, Liquorice root, Skullcap leaf, Passionflower leaf


Short term use while under stress.
Take 10 ml twice daily before food.
Do not use for longer than 6 months at a time.


Not to be used during pregnancy, with high blood pressure or water retention. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use for longer than 6 months.