Olbas oil


Olbas Oil to the rescue! Just a few drops on a handkerchief is all it takes to help unblock even the stuffiest blocked nose, thanks to Olbas’ powerful decongestant vapours. And you can tuck the hanky into your pillowcase at night for soothing night-time congestion relief to help you sleep.

For a really intense Olbas experience, put a few drops of Olbas Oil in a bowl of hot water, lean over it and cover your head with a towel. It’s enough to clear even the most stubborn of blocked noses.

If you want to prevent catching the nasty viral illnesses then burn Olbas oil in a burner and let the vapours do the dirty work! That’s why we love Olbas!

That’s why we love Olbas!

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Essential oils of clove, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput, menthol & camphor.


Add several drops of Olbas Oil to hot water, or other burners and leave it to release its vapours. Add to tissues and inhale. Massage Olbas Oil directly onto skin or in a base oil for soothing relief of muscle tension.


Keep away from small children. Do not use directly on the body if pregnant.