Period Peace ~ Menopausal Tonic


Menopausal Tonic

Benefits hot flushes and provides the body with phytoestrogenic compounds found in different berry’s, flowers, fruits leaves and roots by helping the body adjust to the differing levels of hormones.

This tonic provides all round support for the liver and adrenals which also play a role in menopausal symptoms.

Useful for women concerned about bone density and to treat the dreaded night sweats.

Zizyphus seed ~ Relaxant

Sage leaf ~Refrigerant

Black cohosh root ~ Hormone modulator

Red clover flowers ~ Phytoestrogenic

Schisandra berries ~ Adaptogenic

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Zizyphus seed, Sage leaf, Black cohosh root, Red clover flowers, Schisandra berries


Take 10 ml twice daily. Can be used long term.


Some persons have been known to react to black cohosh with liver disease although this is rare. If you are taking prescription medications please check with your health professional before taking. Not to be used in people with oestrogen-dependent tumours. Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.