Phytofarm Comfrey Salve


Comfrey Salve is for topical use for any kind of sprain, strain or fracture. It is made from Comfrey root and leaf.

Comfrey is a traditional European native herb that has been used topically for all kinds of bone and joint problems for thousands of years including that caused by fractures, sprains and any connective tissue weakness. It contains a substance called ‘allantion’ which has been shown to speed healing when applied topically  {}.

Interestingly Comfrey has also been studied for lower back pain management {}  and shown a significant benefit over placebo and compared to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory agents so we recommend this for all types of Osteoarthritis pain. Our experience also shows us that wrinkles on the skin can also benefit from Comfrey applied topically!

This salve can last a long time if stored correctly. Keep out of direct sunlight and use within 12 months of opening.

This product is made locally by our herbalist Valmai Becker at Phytofarm from wild harvested herbs or the herbs she grows on her organic herb farm. Valmai also takes medicine making workshops so visit her website if you would like to learn more

Additional information



Organic, cold pressed sunflower oil, dried Comfrey root & leaf, beeswax.


Apply to affected area 2-3 x daily


Some people may be allergic to some plants. Please patch test before using.


Comfrey – Symphytum spp.