Point Break ~ Nerve Tonic


Nerve Tonic

Benefits frayed nerves that built up stress levels often cause. This tonic is for those who need extra nerve support to rebalance the nervous system and regain nerves of steel. This tonic must be used for up to 4 weeks to get the full benefits. For those under longer term stress the tonic may need to be taken longer.

St Johns wort leaf and flower ~ Antidepressant

Passionflower leaf ~ Anxiolytic

Oatstraw ~ Nerve tonic

Milk thistle seed ~ Liver tonic

Rosemary leaf ~ Liver tonic

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St Johns wort leaf and flower, Passionflower leaf, Oatstraw, Milk thistle seed, Rosemary leaf


Take 10 ml twice daily before food.


St Johns wort interacts with many medications check with you health professional. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.