PURE Electrolyte Hydration Replacement capsules


Try out the PURE sports nutrition electrolyte replacement capsules. These capsules are for those wanting electrolytes without the sugars. With a blend of electrolytes including sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium plus vitamin B6 & D this should get you into your zone and help you to stay there.

Those who are exercising to lose weight won’t want to use sports drinks that contain glucose, fructose or sucrose, because these sugars go into the bloodstream and raise blood sugar levels. We only recommend these sports drinks for those doing intensive training not everyday use, unless of course you are an outside worker and sweating daily. If you are a tradesperson who would benefit from the use of electrolytes on a hot day when you are hard at work, then we do recommend using these drinks daily especially over summer to help prevent dehydration and fatigue setting in throughout the work day.

For those wanting to lose or maintain weight but still need electrolytes we recommend the PURE capsules instead. These capsules are also handy if you are travelling, drinking alcohol on summer evenings, hungover the next day or just to keep fluids up if you are prone to dehydration headaches. plus episodes of diarrhoea.

We love PURE sports nutrition as they are a local Christchurch business making high quality products. From us to you ~ Enjoy!

Additional information



Each capsule contains: Sodium chloride – Sodium 176mg, Potassium citrate – Potassium 54mg, Magnesium citrate – Magnesium 20mg, Calcium citrate – Calcium 10 mg, Total citrate 214mg, Vitamin D 2.65 mcg, Vitamin B6 7mg.


Take 2 capsules as needed. Maximum 10 capsules daily, 2 capsules every 2 hours.


If you are unsure of recommended dosage or use for your personal health circumstances (e.g. pregnancy or low sodium diet), consult your medical practitioner prior to use.