Pure South Detox Clay


Pure South clay is a pure substance ~ Bentonite Clay from Southland, New Zealand. It is a trace mineral supplement with the benefits of Fulvic and Humic acids ~ acids which naturally penetrate the cells and help the body rid itself of waste and also neutralise oxidative damage from inside the cells. This ability lets the trace minerals penetrate the cells as the cellular health benefits from both the minerals and the improved waste removal. But the main benefits you will notice are the cleansing effects in the bowel itself as the clay also has a large surface area letting the waste from the bowel gather and be easily removed. The other benefit is to the skin itself which benefits from the detoxification in the bowel and of the cells but the clay can also be used to make a mask and draw out excess oils from the skin, thus being an integral part of the treatment of acne. Arthritis suffers often report benefits from taking the clay daily again showing the diverse benefits of taking such a simple product. We recommend the capsules for those who don’t want to take the clay powder.

Once again this is a natural substance which needs no extra processing and can safely be used daily for the benefit of chronic conditions. It is produced naturally in the South Island and has a low carbon footprint, which is why we stock this product.

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Calcium bentonite clay 1000 mg per capsule


Take up to 4 capsules daily. Start with a daily dose of 2 capsules, then build up to 3 and then 4 tablets after 2 more weeks, or 1 teaspoon at night before bed in a small amount of water or juice.


Take 1 hour away from medications.