Quick Fix


The Quick Fix is for immediate problems that require a one off appointment. Those who need advice for things such as infections, hayfever, cold and flu, insomnia, indigestion and stress, can come in and book a one off appointment on the day. Appointments can be booked from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

The Quick Fix can also be used to check whether your prescription medications can be used with herbal remedies, allowing us time to check for possible interactions and contraindications.

We make an assessment based on your current symptoms and give you recommendations on how to treat this with herbal remedies as well as give advice on what to do if the situation changes and when to seek medical help. All Quick Fixes involve a medical referral if the appointment is beyond our scope of practice or needs urgent medical attention.

The following guidelines let you know what kind of time frames suit different ailments:

15 minute Quick Fix – Infections, Check medication interactions and receive a personalised herbal prescription

30 minute Quick Fix – Detox Protocols, Indigestion, Hayfever

45 minute Quick Fix – Cholesterol protocols, Arthritis protocols

All Quick Fix consultations get a personalised herbal prescription. Follow up appointments can be made in order to track your progress and adjust your herbal remedy if required.

To make a booking, head to the booking section at the bottom of this page (the button below scrolls to that section). There you can choose your clinic service, your preferred practitioner, and select from the available times. Payments can be made by adding this product to your cart and completing the online checkout process, or in person after your clinic session. 

Looking to make a payment for your clinic booking online? Please add the product to your cart and checkout as normal. In the order notes, please include the name of your clinic service, the practitioner, and the date and time. Thank you.