Sabun Olive Oil Soap


Sabun Soap is truly a marvelous soap for the soap connoisseur! These soaps come form the Olive groves in Turkey, a fantastic place to support we think with the current situation there. Once a year they harvest the olives and make soap for the world market. This soap has come along way and the big size of the bar and the simple ingredient list means this soap is great for delicate skin. It has a natural leathery smell due to the Olive oil and Bay laurel oil. Due to the traditional soap making process the glycerine is retained in the soap leaving the skin moisturised and clean after use. We think you will enjoy this soap as much as we do. Dermatitis sufferers always note an improvement when changing from supermarket brands. Try it our yourself. Enjoy!


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Saponified Olive Oil ( Sodium Olivate), Bay Laurel Oil, water, salt.


Lather, rinse & enjoy