Sandersons Co-Enzyme Q10 160mg 60 capsules


Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a naturally occurring compound found in all cells in our bodies which decreases with age and the use of statins. Coenzyme Q10 resides in the mitochondria where the body manufactures energy. Heart and liver cells have relatively more mitochondria, therefore these organs contain and use more CoQ10 than other tissues. Clinical research has shown that CoQ10 plays a major role in promoting heart health by increasing energy levels as well as providing antioxidant activity and may even mitigate some of the side effects associated with prescription drugs such as statins.

We chose Sanderson’s Co-Enzyme Q10 because of the Q-Sorb technology with significantly better absorption than powder forms, meaning more of it gets into the bloodstream making this a vastly more effective product.

We like Sandersons because they are a NZ company selling affordable, high quality supplements all made in certified Good Manufacturing Practice {GMP} labs from around the world, using natural ingredients from nature. Enjoy!

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Each capsule contains: Qsorb Co-Enzyme Q10 160mg


Take 1 capsule in the morning or evening.


CoQ10 should not be taken with Warfarin without the advice of a medical professional.