Sandersons Vitamin D 1000 I.U 100 capsules


Sandersons Vitamin D supplement is for those who are at risk of becoming vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is made by the body after exposure to the sun releases cholesterol molecules from the fat under the skin to get sent away for Vitamin D manufacture. If we don’t get any sunlight on the skin them we can’t make enough vitamin D and deficiency produces diseases like Rickets in children and has links to some autoimmune diseases due to its role in immune function as well. People that work indoors are at risk of vitamin D deficiency and those that live in Christchurch or further south should supplement over winter. Those with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, cancer or autoimmune issues should get their vitamin D levels check in winter and summer to ensure their levels are in the normal range. Children also need vitamin D and can use the adult dose 1-2 times per week. Those with darker skin should also take note as darker skin takes longer to form vitamin D from the sunshine that paler skin.

We like Sandersons because they are a NZ company selling affordable, high quality supplements all made in certified Good Manufacturing Practice {GMP} labs from around the world, using natural ingredients from nature. Enjoy!

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Each capsule contains: Vitamin D (as D3 Cholecalciferol) 1000iu in rice bran oil base.


Take 1 tablet daily with breakfast.


Do not take more than the dose stated on the label without consultation with a healthcare practitioner. Caution with blood pressure medications as vitamin D may reduce drug effects. Do not use with hypercalcemia or systemic lupus erythematosus; Do not use in sarcoidosis or hyperparathyroidism without medical supervision.