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If you haven’t tried Maca give it a go. Maca is a lovely caramel flavoured root from the Peruvian heights, grown 4000 metres above sea level! Seleno Health provide us with a quality, ethically sourced and processed Maca root powder. This means it is processed in the correct way, according to tradition, which converts the Maca root constituents into the Macamides which have the medicinal activity. This Maca root powder is farmed and sourced ethically from Peru farms, an important factor when choosing Maca extracts.

A couple of things to know about Maca – it is a root and is part of the staple diet for Peruvians. It takes 3 months to dry in the sun and UV light starts the process of converting the constituents into the active Macamides. There are three variants – the roots are either yellow, red or black. The yellow is the main type and is very high in nutrients including protein and is notably high in arganine making it a great libido enhancer and energy tonic.

Red Maca has some calming properties, anti-inflammatory properties and helps with PMS symptoms and according to tradition is a great fertility tonic and hot flush remedy. It does this by activating and regulating the HPA axis (our stress hormone response which controls the adrenal glands) via the endocannabanoid system. Maca gently and subtly nudges the HPA axis towards a more balanced state.

Black Maca is a great stamina and energy tonic and is also good for libido, and cognitive function.

All Maca acts on the endocannabanoid system where it affects the receptor which breaks down our natural production of cannabanoids. Please note the Maca products do not directly inhibit or raise sex hormone levels in the body so Maca for Men and Women can be taken by anyone.

Please note some Maca powders may not be properly treated and so called ‘raw’ Maca powder is irritating to the gut and can have adverse effects. Always buy Maca powder from a reputable company.

This is a 10:1 Maca extract which is a very high dose for those times when extra support, high dose Maca is needed.

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Additional information


Red Maca 65 gram, Black Maca 65 gram


100% organic Maca powder (Lepidium meyenii) 10:1 extract


None known. Not known whether Maca is safe during pregnancy so it is advised to avoid.


Take 1 sachet daily