Solgar MSM 120 tablets


Solgar MSM powder is a great affordable MSM product. It uses OptiMSM a trademarked form of MSM which is a superior quality and production process. MSM is used for joint, hair, nail and skin tissue as it is a sulfur containing molecule. MSM supports soft tissue {muscle and tendon} and hard tissue {bone and joint} injuries and stiffness. Research has shown MSM to be useful in the treatment of injuries as well as muscle recovery after exercise.

Sulfer compounds also play a hug part in detoxification enzymes, specifically glutathione, the major antioxidant enzyme that our cell uses, so the benefits of a sulfer supplement benefits this process also. Those who are sensitive to sulfur containing foods such as garlic, onions and some dried fruits might want to avoid MSM as well as those with Irritable Bowel symptoms.

This product passes the quality and dosage requirements that we set as practitioners of natural health. Because if there is not enough in it, it’s not worth taking. Enjoy!

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Serving size: 1/2 teaspoon provides 3000mg methylsulfonylmethane


1/2 teaspoon daily in water or juice with food.


Those with Irritable Bowel symptoms may experience some nausea when taking sulfur containing supplements. If you have a sulfate sensitivity MSM is best avoided. Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature.