Sports Clinic


Sports Clinics are for those wanting to find out how to use nutrition and herbal medicine to enhance their sports journey and performance. Being in the best health as a sports person is integral to your training and fitness. Not only does nutrition and lifestyle impact on your training but stress and sleep impact hugely too. In winter, immunity is often a key driver of lowered performance, so we can utilise herbs to give you the advantage you need in order to be at your best. As well as this, cardiovascular health, inflammation and injury treatment comes into fitness in a big way. These are things that we can help with. Endurance, which is based on our stress and adrenal function can be optimally enhanced by utilising our natural energy reserves and making sure stress doesn’t affect our performance and wellbeing. Looking at your sports performance holistically can also help you recover faster, get less run down and keep your energy levels up as your performances and training increases.

Sports nutrition is a core aspect of our Sports Clinic. Nutrition is a major tool in developing healthy blood sugar levels, making sure you are eating the right amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates at the right time to keep you in the zone. Certain nutrients also have the ability to help the body metabolise and remove lactic acid meaning you can recover faster with the right support.

Having a relationship with your practitioner means that once we do our initial appointments you can pop back in at any time for a quick update on your progress, or to ask for support with any injuries or issues that come up. As Naturopaths we treat your health from a holistic perspective.

If we don’t look after our health holistically then we may find ourselves being burnt out and fatigued, or affected by other aspects of our life. Having the right support means you can reach your goals and stay on top of your game. Supportive treatment means we can help with any injuries and get you the right nutrition and care when needed.

Our Sports Clinic involves a thorough investigation of your health. We go over your symptoms, medical history and risk factors and we start to develop you a plan and make recommendations based on your specific needs.

A Sports Clinic consists of the following appointments:

  • 1 hour and 15 minute initial appointment ~ We go over your health history and specific issues, develop you a plan and advise on diet and herbal remedies that can help you
  • 45 minute follow up ~ We measure progress and upgrade the plan based on your improvements and goals
  • 30 minute follow up ~ Once your main treatments are managed we develop you a longer term plan and continue to support you as often as required

Further ongoing follow ups can be booked. All appointments involve a referral to a medical doctor where needed.

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