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Benefits those who may be indulging yet want to protect their liver at the same time.

Tonic herbs help to protect the liver from some of the damage associated with alcohol and and can therefore lead to less hangover symptoms.  It can also be used by those who have overindulged and want to address their liver health. Not only are these herbs hepatoprotective they are also hepatorestorative and their antioxidant components will help the liver with its detoxification mechanisms.

While we are here, the best way to prevent liver damage and hangovers is to drink less and stick with the NZ guidlines around safer drinking. The NZ Ministry of Health guidelines recommend no more than 2 alcoholic drinks for a female and 3 for a male on any given day. We have recently addded Kudzu root to this tonic which is antidipsotropic – meaning it helps reduce alcohol intake, all together these actions help reduce the symptoms associated with a hangover.

2023 update: Works best when taken before indulging and before going to sleep!

Milk thistle seed ~ Liver tonic

Dandelion root ~ Liver tonic

Kudzu root ~ Antidipsotropic

Liquorice root ~ Adrenal tonic

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Milk thistle seed, Dandelion root, Liquorice root, Kudzu root


10 ml twice daily before and after indulgence or ongoing for liver tonic benefits. Drink water before retiring for the night. Contains alcohol and glycerine.


Not to be taken if you have high blood pressure, water retention, gallstones, congestive heart failure or cirrhosis of the liver.
Caution is advised when combining with Benzodiazepine drugs. Do not take with digoxin or diuretics. Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding without professional advice.