The Most Relaxing Root ~ Kava Root


Kava Root – Nervine Relaxant

Kava is a muscle relaxant and a nerve relaxant.

It is best used before sleep for those who need help to fall asleep, or after exercise for those who want to enjoy the muscle relaxant qualities. It is also a prized anxiolytic meaning it helps many to overcome anxiety throughout the day.

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Additional information


Kava root


Take 1-2 ml 1-2 times daily. Contains alcohol and glycerine.


Kava numbs the moth throat and tongue when taken orally. This sensation is temporary.
Not to be used long term.
Do not use in conjunction with alcohol. Do not use with sedatives or Benzodiazepines.
Not to be taken if you have Parkinson’s symptoms or if you have a history of liver disease.
Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.