Thyroid Clinic


The Thyroid Clinic is a holistic clinic designed to support your thyroid treatment. Thyroid problems can be multifaceted, caused by age, autoimmune processes, and nutrient deficiencies. The thyroid gland is one of our master glands – the thyroid hormones regulate metabolic function and are essential to life. The thyroid produces hormones within a clinical range and if the thyroid produces too much or too little thyroid hormones we manifest symptoms. Signs and symptoms of a hypo-thyroid {low} include: fatigue, weight gain, weight that is hard to lose, feelings of cold, lowered basal body temperature, constipation, mental fatigue and impairment, decreased concentration, slow heart rate, hair loss, irregular periods, goitre, elevated cholesterol and lipids, oedema, depression, slow wound healing, brittle nails and dry skin. These symptoms can also be sub-clinical meaning they can be partially present or your thyroid hormone is still within range but you are experiencing symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of a hyper-thyroid are the opposite and are due to a high output of thyroid hormone. These include: anxiety, sleeplessness, high heart rate, heart palpitations, loose stools, inability to put on weight, fatigue, high body temperature, tremor, goitre. Hyper thyroidism can also be subclinical.

Our Thyroid Clinic specialises in helping you by working alongside your doctor and medications in addressing the causes and addressing nutrient deficiencies that can help the thyroid gland function. We look at overall triggers of autoimmunity including gut health and stress levels, and treat these alongside your medical treatments in order to further improve your blood thyroid levels in the right direction.

We teach you how to identify your triggers and warning signs as we help you become more competent at learning how to influence your thyroid with foods, herbs and self-care. We start you off on a herbal programme designed to treat your particular type of thyroiditis which may include iodine testing, gut repair, stress levels or food allergies. As we see you in follow up appointments, we see what works for you and we are able to paint you a picture of how to look after your thyroid by looking at it as an organ that is affected by the rest of your body.

To book a Thyroid Clinic, see one of our practitioners today:

  • 1 hour and 15 minute initial appointment ~ We go over your symptoms and talk about your triggers and warning signs, plus we alert you to what herbs and nutrients you need to start the process of helping the thyroid gland.
  • 45 minute follow up ~ You then go away and start the programme, taking herbs and supplements and increasing nutrients from your diet, coming back for a 45 minute follow up appointment to discuss the changes and results, and implement further stages of your treatment plan.
  • 30 minute follow up ~ Further changes to your plan may take longer to implement and if things are going well a maintenance plan can be made. For others, time and patience may require that you work on it for a bit longer.

Follow up appointments can be made in order to further track your progress. All appointments involve a referral to a medical practitioner if necessary.

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