Trilogy Rosehip Oil


Trilogy Rosehip oil is our favourite Rosehip oil on the market. Don’t bother with other brands this one is truly unique with a soft light colour and absolutely no fragrance this oil makes the skin feel fine! Just see what difference this makes to the texture of the skin and you will be forever sold. The skin loves oil and Rosehip is also nourishing containing a combination of essential fats that nourish and feed the skin. Remember anything fat soluble is going to be absorbed by the skin so take care what you apply topically. Who needs chemicals when there are an amazing array of natural oils available to us?

A small bottle of Trilogy Organic Rosehip oil will last 6 months when used on the face only and a big bottle lasts 1 year. Rosehip oil can also be used a a natural scar treatment so use on scars daily while healing and beyond for a natural scar oil.

Trilogy is Made in New Zealand and has an ethical philosophy. Enjoy!

Additional information


100% Rosehip oil


Drop 2-3 drops onto the nape of the hand and spread onto the face night or morning. Apply sunscreen during the day.


20ml, 45ml