Turmeric Root Powder


If you are looking for a good quality Turmeric powder you have found one – this is an organic Turmeric high quality and therefore high in Curcumin the active compounds that give Turmeric its anti-inflammatory action that it is regarded so highly for. A nice way to take Turmeric powder is in a  Tomato or Vegetable juice as the Turmeric can be a flavour enhancer, use a bit of black pepper and Cayenne alongside which adds to the benefits and taste. Turmeric is also a treatment for Reflux and inflammatory gut disorders and the powder is the best way to use to in the treatment of these issues. Enjoy!

All of our dried powder blends are created by us and are made from quality local {where possible} and imported herbs.

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Organic Turmeric powder.


Use 1 heaped teaspoon daily in vegetable or tomato juice with pepper to taste.


Do not use in large quantities if you suspect you have a gall stone.