Omega NZ Evening Primrose Capsules


Evening primrose oil is a seed that has the vital omega 6 nutrient Gamma-Linoleic acid {GLA}. GLA helps produce the waxy substance that keeps our skin hydrated and is also anti-prostaglandin meaning it imparts some anti-inflammatory benefit. Because we can’t make GLA we need to consume this through our diet. Some indicators of deficiency are dry skin and hair and supplementation has been shown to help arthritis, eczema and hormonal issues such as PMS and menopausal changes.

This product contains 240 capsules and is a great price. At the highest dose of 6 capsules daily it will last 40 days but even at 3 capsule you will get the benefits. Canterbury grows and exports premium quality oils and we are lucky to have in store at such a good price.

Like everything in our store this product passes the quality and dosage requirements that are set by us in order to be sold confidently – this ensures that you get quality products when shopping with us. This product is grown, produced and manufactured in Canterbury so it has a low carbon footprint.


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Oenothera biennis (Evening Primrose) oil in 1000mg capslues


Take 3-6 capsules daily.


If symptoms persist see your health professional.