Weight Loss Clinic


The Weight loss Clinic runs all year round. Weight issues affect more and more people in today’s developed world. This is due to the western diet and the western lifestyle combined. Often we learn how to eat as a child, leading us into a way of eating that does not serve our body. Without education around food and eating we can be easily led by the food industry and feel that our body does not behave in the way we would like it. This results eventually in cases of elevated blood sugar levels, elevated cholesterol, weight gain and centralised {abdominal} fat, also known as metabolic syndrome. This can often happen slowly and insidiously meaning we don’t notice it until we get there. Stress, thyroid issues, hormones, genetics, inflammation, incorrect eating patterns, emotional eating, lack of sleep & lack of correct exercise can all affect our weight but the effect on our organs including our cardiovascular system are problematic for our overall health. Good nutrition is a form of self-care and good nutrition advice should always be holistic.

If we don’t address weight early it can keep increasing meaning the amount of weight we have to lose increases. Our blood sugar levels can become high and this leads onto more serious outcomes such as pre-diabetes and cardiovascular events. Meanwhile our digestive system suffers and we feel tired more esaily and other parts of our body such as joints become affected. Self-esteem & mood can also become affected and we start to feel that there is nothing we can do about our situation. The good news is that weight gain is reversable. The solution is to develop a lifetime eating plan that serves you and your particular range of contributing factors. It is important to see a qualified nutritionist so we can assess your diet and lifestyle and help you to get the best results in a way that is tailored to you. We can also use herbal remedies to help support you in your journey.

Our Weight Loss Clinic aims to help you identify your triggers as well as teach you how & when to eat. We educate you on these dietary choices and determine what herbs may also help you along the way so that you can utilise the herbal remedies that we have available alongside your dietary and lifestyle changes. As we see you in follow ups, we help motivate and encourage you to keep up the good work and help problem solve any issues along the way as you learn how to look after yourself better.

To book a Weight Loss Clinic you need to be prepared to do the following:

  • 1.5 hour appointment ~ We go over your symptoms, medications and talk about diet triggers as we prepare you to embark on your journey. We make a specific diet and lifestyle plan and include simple remedies that can assist you as we develop you a plan for the long term.
  • 45 minute follow up ~ This is the most important follow up as we discuss further changes and help you to navigate your way through the most challenging part – developing new habits. We assess your symptoms and discuss any early improvements from the herbs and supplements given.
  • 30 minute follow up ~ Further changes to your diet and lifestyle take longer to implement and if things are going well your weight will start to drop. For others, time and patience may require that you work on it for longer and figure out a way that works for you.
  • 15 minute follow ups ~ 15 minute follow ups are booked on an ongoing basis until you get to your goal. We then teach you how to maintain your weight using slightly different techniques. Regular 15 minute follow ups help you feel supported and improve outcomes. These can be spaced out as time goes on and you get into your new habits.

All appointments involve a referral to your medical practitioner & ongoing blood tests if required.

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