Withania Root Powder


Withania powder is a great way to get the full benefits of the mineral content and nourishing aspects of Withania. Withania is slightly bitter to taste with a lovely woody aspect alongside and is best made the traditional way in a milk of your choice with a little sweetness added if desired. These days the addition to a smoothie is another way to get the benefits of Withania powder. Withania is a Relaxant and an Adaptogen which has been used traditionally to increase iron levels as it contains good levels of iron, to aid those who are in convalescence {i.e. sick people who need to get well} and for children with a failure to thrive. There is a wealth of research supporting its tonic effects on the immune system, blood parameters and mood. One of the best times to use Withania is during times of stress as it helps to lower serum cortisol {stress} levels thereby helping with sleep function and jittery nerves.

All of our dried powder blends are created by us and are made from quality local {where possible} and imported herbs. Enjoy!

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Withania powder


Take 1 heaped teaspoon or 1 heaped tablespoon daily depending on needs.