Zen Herbal liniment


If you are looking for a solution to your aches and pains then this is one of the best herbal liniments we have found. Zen Joint and Muscle liniment is a great way to temporarily alleviate pain in the joints and muscles including areas such as the lower back which need that external pain relief from time to time. Liniments are a unique way to stimulate the blood flow and create an environment whereby the body can improve nutrient uptake and increase waste removal from the area including inflammatory proteins. This combination includes anti-inflammatory herbs & circulatory stimulants which also help to numb the nerves and relieve pain. This combination can also be used to help with sports injuries, after playing and is also great for applying to the temples and neck where there is tension related headaches. This product comes in a dropper bottle so that it can be applied directly to the area. It is designed to dry on the skin and doesn’t need to be rubbed in like an ointment as the oils penetrate directly into the site of pain or injury.

Zen liniment comes in a gel (75g) or a spray (100ml)

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Angelica to help enhance circulation Arnica is trusted worldwide for its relief of stiffness, bruising, trauma and associated pain Boswellia to help reduce pain, stiffness and swelling Pseudoginseng & Commiphora to help relieve pain Spatholobus relaxes tendons and relieves joint pain Dipsacus helps relieve stiffness and joint pain, and minor sporting injuries Drynaria to help repair ligament damage Pure essential oils Japanese Mint and Cajuput, powerful pain relievers to warm and soothe.


Apply to the surrounding area of pain or inflammation several times daily.


This product is best avoided just before sleep as the warming and cooling qualities of the liniment may keep awake.