Health Consultations

When choosing to consult with a Medical Herbalist you get the chance to work out what may be the root cause of your symptoms. We help you to determine your warning signs, triggers, diet and lifestyle pitfalls. We then create you a personalised treatment plan, by teaching you what herbs, diet and nutritional supplements are best suited to your ailments and general constitution. We ask you to make simple dietary changes in order to get the nutrients you need from your diet. Prevention is our ultimate aim.

Holistic Consultations take between 60-90 minutes initially. Follow ups last between 15 to 45 minutes, usually less as things improve. Treatment lasts as long as you need and depends on the type of condition and your ultimate goals, but as holistic practitioners we believe that at least 3-4 appointments are necessary to get you back on track and sometimes more. Our clients become long term so you can come back at any time and pick back up from where you left off or be reminded about what to do.

What to bring – In order to help you we need to know the the results of any recent blood test results. Call your GP’s surgery to ask for your results to be sent to you and bring them to your appointment.

If you aren’t sure if you we can help you with your issue then follow this WELLNESS CHECK to see if your health issue is something that we can treat. If you still aren’t sure what type of appointment you will need just come in and talk to us.

Choose the type of consultation you will need based on the basic menu below or from the specific clinics based on the most common conditions we deal with.


15 minutes – $30

30 minutes – $60

45 minutes – $90

60-90 mintues – $120

Live blood analysis 20 minutes – $50

Live blood analysis 30 minutes – $80

Live blood analysis 90 minutes – $140

All prices are inclusive of GST. Some discounts may apply. Skype or phone follow up appointments can be arranged. All appointments include complementary follow up phone calls or emails and discounts to our Seminars. It is recommended that all appointments be made in advance and changed within 24 hours. Bookings can be made during the following hours depending on practitioner availability

Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 6:00pm

Creme de la Creme

The Crème de la Crème plan is for complex health issues that require deeper treatment and a longer time commitment. The Crème de la Crème is based on the latest research using an evidence based, holistic approach. It is suitable for chronic health issues such as migraine, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disease, fertility, cardiovascular disease, weight gain, asthma, thyroid conditions and cancer support. Treatment involves up to 7 sessions, designed to give you a holistic treatment plan for life and generally takes place over 6 – 12 months:

  • 60 – 90 minutes ~ Initial assessment and discussion. You do most of the talking and we do most of the listening. We go through your medical history thoroughly, canvassing your signs and symptoms and potential triggers and follow up with research dedicated to your case.
  • 45 – 60 minutes ~ 1st follow up session ~ We analyse diet & lifestyle factors that are contributing to your health and wellness and present you a treatment plan based on the latest research on nutrition and herbal remedies suited to you and your particular condition.
  • 30 minute follow ups x 5 over 3 – 6 months ~ We follow up, implement, problem solve, explain and update your treatment plan to include the many layers of your health that need treating, plus make a long term plan for the future.
  • Further follow ups may be required to keep you on track. Ongoing follow ups may be required to keep you on track and to make changes if needed.


Warrant of Fitness

The Warrant of Fitness is a three part session designed to support and improve your health using a preventative approach. It  is ideal for those who aren’t necessarily ‘sick’, but who may not feel 100%. It is suitable for transient health problems such as low immunity, allergies, insomnia, stress, fatigue, eczema, psoriasis, headaches, PMS and menopause. We teach you how to overcome these health issues by treating warning signs early and by learning what works best for you. Treatment involves an initial session and follow up followed by a a shorter follow up designed to give you a treatment plan to go away with and generally takes place over 6-12 weeks:

  • 60-90 minutes ~ Initial assessment and discussion ~ Where you do the talking and we listen. We then make recommendations based on your presenting problem.
  • 45 ~ 60 minute ~ Follow up consultation ~ Where we follow up on your herbal treatment, making changes if needed plus give you feedback on your diet and lifestyle changes.
  • 15 ~ 30 minute appointment ~ Follow up and maintenance plan ~ We do a further follow up to make sure you are getting the most out of your diet and lifestyle changes plus track additional changes. We make you a long term plan.
  • Further follow ups may be required on an ongoing basis.


Quick Fix

If you have a simple problem and want to know how to treat it simply then Quick Fix is for you. It is suitable for most minor ailments which don’t require complex treatments such as mild insomnia, hayfever management, arthritis management, digestive upsets and infections. It may also include:

  • 15 minutes ~ Short appointment to create a herbal formula based on your immediate needs and acute situations or to check medications are suitable to use with herbal medicines
  • 30 – 60 minutes ~ Protocols for the holistic treatment of osteoarthritis, cholesterol, high blood pressure or detoxification
  • Live blood analysis ~ 15 or 30 minutes


Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood analysis helps us form a picture about what is going on from a ‘live’ blood sample. It is a snapshot of your current internal health but is not a diagnostic tool. However we can sometimes determine what factors may be contributing to your ill health by looking at the blood directly:

  • It takes 15 minutes to get an idea of what is going on in your blood
  • Finding out about your symptoms takes longer and for the best picture we need both your health information and a live blood screening
  • We can see signs of inflammation before or during it manifesting externally
  • We can see signs of oxidative damage before it manifests externally
  • We can see the health of the blood cells including some nutritional information regarding Iron, B12 & Folate
  • We can often determine what white blood cells are the most active at the time
  • We always recommend following up with Medical tests if we see signs of inflammation or damage to blood cells
  • Live blood screening 20 minutes – $50
  • Live blood screening 30 minutes – $80
  • Live blood screening 90 minutes – $140


Dietary Analysis

Diet is a huge part of our lives so by eating well we can prevent many lifestyle diseases and maximise our genetic potential. By doing a Dietary Analysis we analyse your diet to see if you are getting the required nutrients for your life stage & needs. This may include pregnancy nutrition, sports nutrition or any life stage nutrition. We ask you to fill out a Diet Dairy & Nutritional Signs & Symptoms questionnaire the week prior to coming to your appointment. In your appointment we go over the foods you are consuming and teach you what to do with an individualised Diet Plan to determine what nutritional support you may require:

  • 60-90 minute initial appointment ~ We go over your diet and symptoms dairy and talk about what foods you need to eat more of in order to get the required nutrients from your diet. We may recommend supplementation to see how it improves your symptoms as well as recommend the dietary changes needed to up your daily intake through food.
  • 30-45 minutes follow up ~ We follow up on your new meal plans and asses your symptoms, alerting you to further diet changes and how to make them easily.
  • 30 minutes follow up ~ You then go away and further practice these new eating habits before coming back for a 30 minute follow up appointment to discuss the changes and results and how to move forward.



For most clients, returning to health is an ongoing process, so ongoing follow-ups are often recommended. This enables you to get the most from working with our practitioners and for us to give you the support and ongoing advice that you need to stay on track. It can be hard to stick with dietary and lifestyle changes, so with support and encouragement you can quickly determine why and how you feel the way you do. It is hard to know exactly how long you will need to see us for but we have an open door policy!

  • Follow-ups ~ 15 ~ 30 minutes
  • Touching base with your progress & offering ongoing support
  • Checking back in after some time away
  • Updating your personalised herbal prescription if you have a new issue come up


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Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is part of our service. Having your blood examined while it is live and filtered through a screen where you can see it is a unique visual experience. The analysis tells us if you are experiencing low-grade inflammation; it can reveal signs of oxidative stress; and it gives us a tool to investigate your health more fully. It is most helpful for tracking the progress of those with chronic inflammatory conditions, gut disturbance and chronic fatigue. Live blood analysis gives us an instant tool which allows us to refer you for further blood tests if needed. Contact Us or make a booking to see if Live Blood Analysis could help with your health concerns.


The Apothecary can refill your prescription from your Apothecary practitioner at any time. Just call us if you would like us to make it up for you for pick up on the same day so we can be ready for you on time. All recipes are kept stored on our database for future recall. Bring your clean bottle back for refilling. If you have a repeat prescription and would like it sent to you, please contact us and speak to one of our herbalists or leave a detailed message. We do sell a range of practitioner only products, however we do not sell ‘practitioner only products’ online and will only sell them to you if we deem that it is a suitable product for your health needs. Other times we will recommend you have a health consultation so we can determine the best product or herbs for you. Feel free to book in for a Quick Fix.


Prescription Service:

The Apothecary runs a prescription service for other health professionals. If you are a doctor, herbalist or other health professional and would like to use our prescription service, we need to know your practice.

To become a recognised prescriber, please fill out this form here.