Simone Reddington

BA Psych, Dip Clin Herb Med, Bach Nat Med, MNZAMH

After graduating in Psychology at the University of Canterbury, Simone completed a 3 year Diploma in Herbal Medicine which she started at the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine. She went on to complete the Bachelor in Natural Therapies at the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine. Simone has a particular interest in the science of Herbal Medicine and in particular the research that is coming through in helping to understand the pharmacology of Herbal Medicines. Additionally, Simone has been trained in the live blood analysis technique which allows her to look at a live blood sample and gather further information about your blood. Simone also regularly sends people for blood tests if indicated and will happily work with your GP.

Simone’s background in Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, on top of a spiritual and a sociological perspective on life has made Simone particularly good at helping patients find the root causes of their signs and symptoms which can usually be discovered within the first consultation. Her challenge is to gauge what will work for you to prevent future disease. Simone also takes the time to educate her patients about what is going on in their body to help people understand their own biochemistry in order to help make the right behaviour changes. Simone’s no nonsense approach suits many people.

Simone also blogs for APOTHECARY NOW and runs EDUCATION talks at The Apothecary. Simone is available for consultations on Thursday’s, Friday’s and alternate weekends.



Sarka Horvathova

Dip Nat, Cert Herb Studies, Cert Massage, MNZAMH

Sarka’s love of herbal medicine is evident through Sarka’s deep knowledge of herbs & nutrition which drew her towards training in a Certificate of Herbal Studies. This taught her how to grow, manufacture and apply herbal medicine. She followed this with a Diploma in Naturopathy allowing her to apply this knowledge to her patients health conditions alongside training in nutrition, mineral salts, aromatherapy, massage & other complementary therapies.

Sarka’s foundation is in the sciences and she has had experience in clinic treating stress related disorders such as insomnia and anxiety, high blood pressure and musculo-skeletal complaints but her affinity and main experience is in treating digestive disorders and in particular food allergies. Sarka’s other passion and experience is working with babies & children, pre-conception care and pregnancy nutrition & ailments.

Sarka believes that holistic treatment is the foundation of good health which she herself practices.  Sarka’s personal experience with food allergies has taught her the power of good nutrition. She uses a variety of testing procedures to help people discover if food allergies may be contributing towards their ill health. As you journey down this path with her you will realise that when you eat well and apply good nutrition plus complementary therapies such as Herbal Medicine you too can experience good health.

Sarka is offering a discounted clinic as she has been practicing since Spring 2016. However Sarka’s time in practice belies her experience as for the past 2 years Sarka has gathered immense experience here at the Apothecary.

Sarka is available for consultations every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and alternate weekends and you will find her at the Apothecary also on Wednesdays. Feel free to ask her questions about your health issues so that her good health can rub off on you!



Simone-Lena Andersen


Simone Lena has been teaching Yoga and working within the Health and Wellness industry for the past 8 years. During this time she has been studying Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Psychology, Philosophy, Naturopathy, Massage, Pilates and Nutritional Medicine throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In 2013, Simone Lena completed her Diploma of Yoga, a very comprehensive course that allowed her to delve much deeper into all aspects of yoga. She is now itching to complete the final year of her Naturopathy and Nutrition studies so she can expand her knowledge.

She has worked with various athletes, injuries, medical conditions, and psychological concerns and is passionate about helping people fall in love with taking care of themselves.

Simone-Lena is our apprentice working at the Apothecary every weekend and helping us out on Tuesday’s. Come in and talk to her for great advice. Simone-Lena has a wealth of experience working for leaders in our field across Australia and New Zealand and will give you exceptional knowledge on nutrition, supplements and herbs and where appropriate will refer you onto one of our herbalists for a consultation if needed.