Our Mission

To create scientific awareness of Herbal Medicine

To promote Herbal Medicine as a first choice

To promote the healing of the human race

About Apothecaries


Apothecary’s are a herbal pharmacy from a by-gone era.

Our aim was to create a modern Apothecary with our team of fully trained Herbalists providing health consultations, educational seminars, over the counter advice & the dispensing of medicinal tonics, dried herbs, nutritional supplements & skin care.

Our aim is to educate our customers and clients in the art of prevention using herbal medicine and nutrition. We want to create a society where herbal medicine is more accessible than ever so that we can increase the role herbal medicine can play in people’s lives.

Our dispensary stocks over 150 herbal medicines from around the world that between them have
the properties to reduce the effects of stress on the body, induce sleep, soothe your digestion, treat your cough, enhance immune function, improve liver function, prevent viral infections, increase energy, strengthen your cardiovascular system & enhance your sense of well-being.

We intend to be the first port of call for users of herbal medicine in the local district and to be acknowledged for having good clinical results, quality products & an atmosphere of learning.

About Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicines are simply plant parts with pharmaceutical properties. Plant parts used by herbalists include roots, leaves, flowers, berries, seeds, barks & resins.

A single herbal extract may contain many active chemicals such as: volatile oils; tannins; saponins; flavonoids; coumarins; volatile oils; alkaloids; glycosides; organic acids; sterols; polyphenols; mucopolysaccharides; terpenes, anthraquinones; lignins; isoflavones & nutrients.

Although herbs contain chemical constituents the difference between a herbal medicine and drug is in the dose and complexity of these chemicals. A herb has a many active chemicals working together and several main active principles. This means that herbs can affect the complex systems of the body in a gentler way.

The Apothecary has designed our own blends of herbal tonics, teas and powders for common
ailments and we make up individual prescriptive formula for our patients.  Herbs can be used to treat or support most common ailments either on their own or in conjunction with prescription drugs.

We recommend people try herbal medicine for any chronic or acute ailment – we can help speed the treatment by recommending effective herbal remedies. We can work alongside your doctor to support your health.

About Nutrition


Food is medicine. Hippocrates said this over 2000 years ago and in today’s world this is even more important. Nutritional science has shown that there are 32 essential nutrients we need to get from our diet. If we don’t eat them, we can’t store them, it’s as simple as that.

One of the major problems affecting modern health is over consumption and under nutrition. Nutrients matter, because without them our cells can’t properly use the calories we have consumed. Our cells need nutrition on a daily basis for normal metabolism and gene expression.

Research has shown how different foods affect our gene expression. Without nutrients we cannot manufacture our most basic cellular enzymes. Put simply, if you eat high nutrient foods containing a range of antioxidants, your body will be better equipped to adapt to the environment, stress and aging; if you eat low nutrient, high calorie foods your body isn’t as resilient to stress, therefore aging and cell repair will not be as efficient.

We believe food and nutrition are critically important for health and healing. In other words, without the right nutrients we simply cannot heal.

About Prevention

Our key philosophy is prevention. Treating problems before they get worse is the best prevention you can do. There is a lot we can do to minimise our health risks. But do you know what your risk factors are?

At the Apothecary we aim to help you to get to know your own body by understanding your
risk factors, warning signs and triggers to determine what affects your health and sickness.
We advocate the use of herbal medicines, dietary improvements, lifestyle changes, stress
management techniques, weight management & self-awareness.

As Herbalists and Naturopaths our primary focus is on gut health, liver function, immunity & stress reduction. Modern research has shown the gut microbiome to be one of the most influential factors that contributes to general health.

Luckily, we have many herbs that can help these three
main areas of health & disease.


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