To increase awareness of Herbal Medicine in the community

To create scientific awareness of Herbal Medicine

To promote Herbal Medicine as a first choice

To promote the healing of the human race


Many great medical discoveries were made inside Apothecary’s. Our aim was to create a traditional Apothecary which resembles a herbal pharmacy from a bygone era. We have qualified Medical Herbalists {Apothecaries} providing herbal medicine and health consultations, prescribing and dispensing medicinal tonics & dried herbs daily. We aim to educate our customers and clients by offering seminars and consultations as well as over the counter advice for all ailments. We are aiming to increase awareness of the role herbal medicine can play in people’s lives.

We want to create a society where herbal medicine is more accessible than ever. We are embracing the market with a range of accessible, affordable and quality herbal products for home use. We intend to be the first port of call for users of herbal medicine in the local district and to be acknowledged for having good clinical results, quality products and an atmosphere of learning. Our dispensary stocks over 150 proven herbal medicines from around the world that between them have the properties to treat your cough, soothe your digestion, expel worms, enhance immune function, treat viral infections, increase energy, increase the strength of your cardiovascular system & enhance your wellbeing to name a few.

We have the knowledge to help you understand how your health is affected by the foods you eat, the things you do & the sunshine you get. We want to help you to understand these things too.

We guarantee we can help ease your symptoms if you take our advice correctly, and that you feel improvements each step along the way.


Herbal medicines are simply plants with pharmaceutical properties. Herbal extracts contain many active chemicals such as: volatile oils; tannins; saponins; flavonoids; coumarins; volatile oils; alkaloids; glycosides; organic acids; sterols; polyphenols; mucopolysaccharides; terpenes, anthraquinones; lignins; isoflavones & of course nutrients. Plant parts used by herbalists include roots, leaves, flowers, berries, seeds, barks & resins.

Although they contain drug-like chemicals the difference between a herbal medicine and drug is in the dose and complexity of these chemicals. A drug is an isolated constituent in a single high dose. A herb has a many active chemicals working together but its main active principle usually doesn’t contain as high a level as in drugs. This means that herbs can affect the complex systems of the body and is often how they work. This is called synergy. People often assume that herbs don’t work as fast as drugs. This may be true as drugs are more powerful but before drugs there were powerful herbs that were used in emergencies too. These days we leave this kind of treatment to the doctors.

The Apothecary specailises in herbal tonics. These are quality therapeutic liquid herbal formulas designed to support the most common ailments. We have designed therapeutic quality herbal tonics for the most common ailments. Herbal tonics are quick acting, easily absorbed and high potency. Whats more we can make up tonics to suit you on the day after a short appointment if needed. See here for our range of these tonics. we use tonic herbs to support underlying pathology’s such as immune dysregulation, stress, hormonal imbalance, respiratory health and digestion. Herbs can be used to gently nudge the pathways in the body without causing side effects or over-correction when coming off them. Herbs can work alongside drugs and can be used to reduce drug dosages, support weaning, or simply to provide different actions than drugs. Of course we recommend people try herbal medicine first, as often if we catch things early herbal treatment can be enough. Drugs are always there when we need them.

We can work alongside your doctor to support you wherever you are at with your health.

At The Apothecary we only recommend and stock the best for you, that is our promise!


Food is medicine. Hippocrates said this over 2000 years ago and in today’s world this is even more imperative. Science has told us that there are 32 essential nutrients that we need from our diet. If we don’t eat them, we don’t get them, it’s as simple as that. One of the major problems affecting modern health is over consumption of calorie burden foods and under nutrition. Research has been undertaken on the effect of nutrition on our health and how different foods affect our gene expression.

Your body may require more than what is normally required depending on your genetic make-up, or you may be prone to certain deficiencies because of lifestyle factors, or an overly-processed diet. Nutrients matter, because without them we can’t properly use the energy we have consumed. Our cells need nutrition on a daily basis for cellular metabolism. Put simply, if you eat high nutrient foods you will be healthier; if you eat low nutrient foods you won’t be as healthy and may be more reliant on pharmaceuticals to balance your biochemistry.

Our advice is the same for virtually all conditions:

Eat quality protein at each meal, a small amount of wholegrains, at least 10+ vegetables and fruits daily, your choice of fermented food daily, something raw daily, cold-pressed fats and oils only and drink fresh water and tea every day.

To find out more about whether your diet is giving you the nutrients you need, check out our Diet Analysis on our Services page.


Treating problems before they get worse is the best prevention you can do. Falling sick has a cost both personally and for society as a whole and although getting sick is a part of life, there is a lot we can do to minimise our risk. But do you know what your risk factors are?

At the Apothecary we aim to help you to get to know your own body by understanding your risk factors, warning signs and triggers to determine what affects your health and sickness. We advocate the use of herbal medicines, dietary improvements, lifestyle changes, stress management techniques, weight management & self-awareness. As herbalists and naturopaths we always focus on gut health as a priority as modern research has shown the gut to be one of the most influential factors that contributes to general health. Stress and the immune system are also big players and luckily in herbal medicine we have many herbs that can help these body systems.

Never let a health problem continue without finding and treating the root cause. Think of it as health insurance.

Talk to us now if you would like to find out more.


Herbal medicines are grown throughout the world. In New Zealand we grow some of the world’s finest herbs, including but not limited to our native herbal plants. We use locally grown herbs where possible, grown in Banks Peninsula at Phytofarm Medicinal Herb Farm. If we can’t get them here or in season then we source organic herbs from the overseas market. Most herbs are found growing prolifically in their country of origin without the help of agricultural breeding techniques, meaning they are as old as we are.

All of our dried herbs and powders are either organic or wild crafted meaning they come directly from nature.

Or of course, if you know what you’re doing, you can grow and use your own herbs from your garden, or use what’s growing around you.

Check out our Tea Making Courses

We dispense plant medicines in the form of teas, tinctures, powdered herbs, capsules, pressed tablets, syrups, vinegar’s & creams. We only stock the highest quality herbal material, processed in GMP {Good manufacturing Process} certified production facilities to ensure that only the best ingredients are used in our products. If it is found at the Apothecary it has our tick of approval.

We also support local cottage industries, New Zealand  manufacturers, and the global herbal market. Our skincare ranges are made here in New Zealand, and our main skincare brand is made here in the South Island fresh each time. Our chosen make-up range is Living Nature, a world class range that is colourful and edible. Our herbal ointments are predominantly New Zealand made and we also sample some of the best from the world. Scientific testing on many of our products is part of their manufacturing process and scientific validation on herbal medicines is growing each year, supporting traditional and innovative uses too.