Epsom salts | Magnesium sulphate


Epsom salts are an old remedy and a source of Magnesium. The salts of magnesium are useful for bathing as they absorb through the skin and get magnesium into the muscles. Sore, tight muscles benefit from a magnesium salt bath. Soak for 20 minutes. And why not use the bath water to water the plants afterwards? Magnesium salts can also be diluted and used in the garden to add magnesium to the soil.

We sell epsom salts as part of our bulk supplement, herb, oil & skincare range. Once the salts are weighed they are placed in a ziplock bag. Due to shipping costs we don’t sell more than 1 kilogram on our webstore. Please enquire if you would like a larger quantity sent to you.

Alternativley, you can bring your own containers or bag instore for us to fill.

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Epsom salts – Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate


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